Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Groundhog Day!

                       Groundhog Day is tomorrow, February 2, 2012. 

A very important day to me! Anyone else born on this day probably feels the same. I use to say that early spring doesn't depend on the whether the groundhog saw his shadow it depended on whether I was in a good or bad mood that day. Silly kid I was and kind of silly tradition but none the less it's here again. As far as I know rarely does the groundhog end up predicting the right thing anyways, so I don't put much hope in it. 

But seeing as I am a Groundhog baby I still think it's a fun day of the year. In my personal opinion it should be a public holiday, I think everyone deserves another day off, yet somehow I don't think that will happen anytime soon ;)

A while back I came across a blog called, Sweetology she made these cute Groundhog Day push pops inspired by the idea from Family Fun. So I just had to try making some. I made Groundhog Day Cupcakes and they are so adorable. They're really easy to make, nothing fancy, shancy required.  A box of your favorite cake mix, store bought or homemade frosting, some candy and you're on your way to making some very, very, cute cupcakes.

I had some extra royal icing leftover which I used to make his eyes. Squeeze a small amount of white royal icing onto parchment paper and with kitchen tweezers add black sugar pearls for eye centers. Let dry couple hours, I made extras, the keep for a long time and are always handy to have.

For the mouth I used Strawberry flavoured Starburst. Soften candy, roll out and cut into squares, then triangles for his nose. 

I used almond joy candy bar for his body, and brown coloured royal icing for his cheeks. Mini brown M&M's for his ears and white royal icing for his buck teeth. Be creative, use whatever you have that works for you.

Aren't they adorable, even just like this?

To finish  frost chocolate cupcakes, with white buttercream frosting and added chocolate cookie crumbs for the dirt. Stick the chocolate Groundhog in the center and your done. Enjoy :)

Something tells me with so much snow still on the ground that we're in for a few more weeks a winter at least. Either way is fine by me, I happen to like all the seasons and before you know it spring will be here anyways. So enjoy the snow if you have any while it lasts. 

The only thing I can think that would make these any better is a tall glass of milk. Thanks to Sweetology for the inspiration and Family Fun for the idea. I had a blast making them. Guess we'll see what Wiarton Willie has to say on the subject tomorrow.

Enjoy each and everyday! 
~A Beautiful Winter Evening~

Happy Groundhog Day!

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Anonymous said...

OMG the groundhog cupcakes are so adorable!!!!!!!!!!! Love how you showcased them on the pink plate in the snow.G.

Anonymous said...

Happy Groundhog Birthday to you!!!!!! Love these cute, so yummy!! DT and Pips

Katya said...

Thank you, yeah I thought these were so adorable, not to worry I'm bring them to down for us all to enjoy them...YUM!!!

Catalina said...

Wow, wow, wow!! So adorable! I simply love them :) They're so cute and lovely! You made them too pretty to be eaten :D The most beautiful cupcakes I've seen so far, I swear!