Saturday, August 11, 2012

Seashells and starfish....the day I fell in love with the beach!!

Gazing out across the vast sand bar, in the far distance, I can see the sparkling beautiful turquoise ocean. I can hear the waves gently lapping the shore and for a brief moment I'm in a trace, lost at the beach. When I snap back into my reality I  know that all this beauty was created by our Heavenly Father for you, and for me to enjoy. I recently saw a post with a saying that almost stopped me in my tracks. It said, Thank You God, for my eyes!! In the moment when I sat there lost in paradise those words came to me. Never have I once thought to thank God for my eyes and today, sitting here on the beach, my toes squashed into the sand and the blue waters sparkling in the sun, I murmur quietly to myself those words. How truly blessed we are to have such an amazing Creator. 

French Beach

Miracle Beach

 Growing up we weren't the kind of family that spend summertime at the beach. Farm living was a busy and fun time, during summer months, in itself. Although I do vaguely remember a few time going to Pioneer Beach in Ontario. We'd spending the day swimming and splashing around, taking breaks to munch on kielbasa and bread but once we moved to the west it became I long forgotten memory. Until one day I got invited to go to the island.... Vancouver Island.

If you haven't had a chance to visit Vancouver Island do it! It has so much to offer from:

 old growth rain forest

sparkling wave-swept beaches,

snow capped mountains

gorgeous blooming flowers, 

delicious blackberry bushes everywhere, 

stunning heritage attractions ( my favorite is Craigdarroch Castle)

and so much more. It is all so beautiful. Come and get lost in all the beauty the island has to offer!

I remember the first time taking the ferry across I was so excited, just like a little kid, I wanted to stand at the very front hang on the railing and belt out My Heart Will Go On....but I could envision myself being held down and tied up in a white jacket or be banned so I held back and enjoy the ride. Somehow when we finally reach the island and began the drive to beach, it felt like I just left the world behind and enter a place of serenity. As we got closer to the beach I could smell the salty ocean air and every now and then I would catch a glimpse of the blue ocean. My anticipation growing....

.....And then, it happened, I fell in love!! With the beach, the ocean, the mountains in the distance, the sand, the seashells, the seagulls every little part of it!! Beach therapy at it's finest!! 

Before you know it my pockets and hands were full of shells and sand dollars. I spend hours walking along the beach in search of the prettiest shells every single time I'm back. I have quite a collections now and every time I tells myself that I don't need anymore I can't help but find a shell or sand dollar that I just have to have. Secretly, sometimes I think God made them with me in mind, good thing he makes a lot of them ;)

~ My beautiful shell collection ~

 Sand dollar....

Beachcombing for seashells has become one of my favorite hobbies and this year I combined it with my other favorite hobby, baking, and made some very beautiful sugar cookie seashells & starfish. I love them so much I had a hard time parting with them. 

I sold them at the Farmers Market. Each time someone came up to oh and ah about how pretty they were, it wasn't the compliment that made me happy (don't get me wrong it's always nice when someone likes what you made) it was the thought that someone else out there loved shells and starfish as much as me to appreciate the cookies:) 

 I love starfish!!

I have come across some beautifully decorated shell and starfish cookies and I thought I'd share a few links of my favorite ones....seriously check these out they are stunning!! 

Oh yeah and I have a beach themed pin board on Pinterest that is called Footprints in the Sand, it has all my favorite beach inspired things....check it out!

I bought these cookie cutter while vacationing in Kauai. The beaches there are absolutely stunning too. I could have stayed there forever.....*sign*....

I use the same cookie cutter to made fondant cupcake topper, which I colored with petal dust and shimmer. 

For the first time this year, while beachcombing, I stumbled upon the most beautiful pink starfish and an orange one too!! 
They were all so pretty :)

Pink starfish

Isn't it so beautiful??

Bright, orange and looks just like the sun.....

Well I got to say that the starfish were definitely the frosting on the cake for me. Although my beach trip has come to an end, I have many beautiful shells, sand dollar and pictures to enjoy. Oh and definitely more shell and starfish sugar cookies to decorate, I'm thinking some pink ones would be cool to make:)

 I can't wait till my next trip back to the beach there's always something new and exciting to see.  

Source: via Katya on Pinterest

Thanks for stopping by..... Individually, we are one drop. 

Together we are an ocean!! 



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Jo @ To a Pretty Life said...

Wow, you are so talented! I love to bake, but I've never attempted anything as beautiful as those cookies! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

Katya said...

Thank you for the comment on my cookies and for stopping by to visit my blog:)