Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lemon, ginger and garlic cold remedy and immunity booster drink!

Okay so it's that time of the year again , no not Christmas, although that is coming up faster than I can prepare for. Happens ever year somehow I always run out of time getting ready for Christmas but that's a whole other story. I talking about cold and flu season. This immune booster drink is the perfect helper  It tastes good, is easy to make, it's all natural and most importantly it works. If you don't want to spend this winter indoors being sick then this wonderful delicious immunity booster drink is for you. Ever since I've started taking this drink (3years) I haven't had a cold or flu, that only makes this drink worth while.

You need fresh lemons, lots of fresh raw garlic, I used Russian garlic it's the best, fresh ginger and unpasteurized honey. You can leave out any of these ingredients if you like but you really get the best results when you use all of them and fresh ingredients is best :)

Lemons - Lemons are high in vitamin C which help support the immune system. The juice's  anti-inflammatory qualities help soothe sore throats. 

Honey - Honey is a great immunity system builder. Thanks to it's antimicrobial properties honey not only soothes the throat but it can also kill certain bacteria that causes the infection. Honey cures most coughs, colds and helps clear congested chest. It's best to use unpasteurized honey because the pasteurizing process removes many of the help benefits.

Garlic - Garlic is a natural antibiotic  Numerous studies have proven  it to be a bacterial, fungal and virus killing machine. Garlic promotes healthy immune system function, and strengthens the body's defenses. Do worry about garlic breath with all these health benefits it's worth while and worse case scenario pop a breath mint :) 

Ginger - Ginger helps stimulate perspiration  which cleanses the system and brings down the body temperature. Ginger is helpful for settling upsets stomachs, as well as nausea  vomiting and cold sweats. It also helps soothe a sore throat.

As you can see all these wonderful, natural and healthy ingredients pack a powerful one, two, three, four punch in combating any cold or flu. Try this recipe today and prevent any cold or flu bug from attacking you or your loved one. This immunity booster drink can be taken all year round just as a general immune booster.     

You'll need : A big jar, I use a 1 gallon glass jar
Food Processor

1 1/2 cup honey
8 cups boiled water - cool to room temperature
5  fresh lemon
1 medium sized ginger
fresh garlic as any as you desire

Wash lemons and remove any blemishes, and stem. I leave part of the skin on, the skin contain many vitamins and oils. Peel the ginger and garlic cloves. I use a lot of garlic, I love garlic so the more the better.  
Place the honey into the glass jar. Put the lemon, ginger and cleaned garlic cloves into the food processor. Cut the lemons and ginger into smaller pieces in you need to. 

Grind all the ingredients on high.

Pulse until all the ingredients are finely chopped up. The aroma is so wonderful.

Scoop the lemon, garlic and ginger mixture into the glass container with honey already in it. 

Add the 8 cup of boiled water. Make sure you allow the boil water to cool down to room temperature.

Stir the ingredient for 2-3 mins. to combine all the ingredients.

Allow the lemon, ginger and garlic drink to stand and develop for 7 days in the fridge. Shake mixture once a day and continue to let stand for 7 days.  Strain the mixture through a mesh strainer and/or cheese cloth. The immunity booster drink is ready to enjoy.   Pour into smaller glass containers for easier pouring, just give the jar a shake before taking.

 I take 1 ounce shot every day in the morning and/or evening. It's so fresh, and lemony tasting. Anytime I feel like I need a boost of energy I make this drink. I hope you enjoy it!! 

It lasts up to 3 weeks in the fridge.

Wishing you all a healthy cold and flu season.

Thanks for stopping by,

Love Katya
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