Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kid in a Candy Store

  Okay so I had a 'kid in the candy store' moment today. It first started with my purchase of baking supplies at Bulk Barn. Then I received my online order from Cake Mischief and that was the icing on the cake. 
  First of all I have to thank my friend Liz for introducing me to the Bulk Barn. I was house sitting this summer in Vernon and Liz came by for a visit and told me about this wonderful little place called 'Bulk Barn'. She is originally from Ontario and from what I gathered they have been there for some time. 
  Well we got one in Vernon, and after she told me about it I had to check it out. I'm sure glad I did! $178 dollars later, I walked out of there beaming ear to ear just like a kid with a bag of candy loot. I bought 4lbs of ready, made fondant for $18.99!! That alone made my day, normally I pay approxiately $34.00 for 4lb ready made fondant at Michael's. I usually run around like the crazy coupon lady trying to get a discount. Even at 40% discount it still doesn't compare. Bye, bye coupon days, now I can buy fondant for half the price all the time:) 
  That's just one of the great buys. I got cookie cutters, sprinkles, edible markers, icing sugar and much more for half the price. Oh yeah, it gets better....They have a bulk barn in Kamloops now!!! 

Cute baggies, hot pink and black birthday candles and more......

They have super cute reusable bags too, only $.99. Had to get one for my stash!

  They have good prices and it's not all bulk products and baking supplies. They offer many vegan, and allergy safe product. My sister buys a gluten-free flour there for my nephew. We had looked at purchasing it from the actual distributor, first of all it was expensive. Secondly the shipping charges where outrageous. Thankfully she doesn't have to pay those prices because Bulk Barn carries that same brand!!  If you haven't checked Bulk Barn out, I recommend you do.   
  So now to tell about my online purchase. I found a Canadian Online Cake Decorating Supply Store called Cake Mischief. I think it's the best place to purchase decorating supplies for a reasonable price for products that can't easily be found in Canada. The store is in Edmonton, Alberta so the shipping is really cheap and you get your order in 2-3 days. She had a Boxing Week sale and prices were so good that I went a little overboard but I got some really neat new products that I can test out all year!!!

"My Goodies"

Disco Dust, I'm in love.

Hot Pink and black non-pareils and Isomalt. I'm gonna try making some sugar bubbles this year!!

Hydrangea, Letter and Lace Cutters

Hot pink and shiny black cupcake liners, how cute are those?

Petal dust!
Cake Mischief is on facebook too. To all you bakers out there, looking for something new, and cheap. Check out both stores, if you have a chance, it will be worth your time and you too will get to experience a 'Kid in a candy store moment" just like me:) 
 I look forward to showcasing some of my puchases in my blog this year. 

Happy Shopping:) 

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Anonymous said...

You are truly nuts.......I loved this blog because I wasn't sold on Bulk Barn, I'm gonna check it out this weekend! Love ya DT <3