Thursday, January 12, 2012

Never miss an opportunity

 Today I made homemade sweet butter. It's so easy, anyone can make it. I used an electric mixer but you don't have to, a jar with lid will work too (you just have to have strong arms because this requires a lot of shaking). 

 Maybe you already made butter without even knowing it. Have you ever made whipped cream and accidentally whipped it past the point of fluffy and light cream to the point were it starts to get grainy and separate? If yes, then you're on the way to making butter. I have but thankfully my mother taught me to not get discourage and throw it out but to continue beating it a bit longer and Voila!!!
                         You end up with......Fresh Sweet Butter!  

The other day I happened to come across whipping cream on discount for 50% off at the Superstore so I stocked up. 

This was an opportunity I didn't want to miss out on. I use a lot of butter in all my baking and it isn't cheap especially unsalted butter. The next time you spot cream on sale or maybe you have some that needs to be used up, try making some fresh sweet butter. Don't worry if it's a few days pass it's date, it will still make sweet tasting butter. 

Here's step by step instruction on How to make Butter:

  • Pour the cream into a clean cold mixing bowl.  

  • Beat on high speed for 8-10 minutes till cream is thick and whipped. You now have whipped cream, anything pass this stage and you're on the way to making butter!! Turn mixture speed to medium. Beat additional 10-15 minutes till butter is done.

  • The butter will separate from the buttermilk at this stage. it will appear dry and form little clumps of butter. 

  • You need to strain the buttermilk or you can collect the butter with your hands and place into a bowl of cold water. Wash butter in cold water to remove any excess buttermilk. Don't throw buttermilk away it's sweet, delicous and is great for baking, especially when making pancakes....Buttermilk Pancakes, yumm! 
  • Squeeze out any excess buttermilk. 

  • Form butter into any shape desired, press into molds or just put into a container with lid (like ziploc). 

  • 1 litre of whipping cream makes 350 grams of sweet butter which is 1 1/2 cups fresh butter.

  • Use fresh butter right away or wrap and freeze for later!!


 See how easy it is to make butter. And it's a fun activity that you can enjoy making with the kids. So next time you're making whipped cream and accidentally over beat it or the next time you see whipping cream on discount, keep beating and make a batch of Sweet Delicious Fresh Butter!!

                                    Have a Wonderful day, Katya 

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