Friday, January 27, 2012

Your never too old to play with Legos

A very special little boy named Matteo is turning 6!! Matteo's mom and my friend, Brandee is throwing him a Lego themed birthday party. I saw pictures of these adorable Lego heads and pieces on The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle  awhile back and was waiting to find a reason to make them, When Brandee asked me to make them I was more than happy too!! I had so much fun making them and I think any one would have fun eating them! 

Recently I posted a sugar cookie recipe, I used 2-1/2 batches of sugar cookie dough to make 28 Lego heads and 105 Lego pieces. I had mentioned that I had a tip for rolling out sugar cookies and today I would like to share it with you. I used cereal bags that I wash and dry after I'm done enjoying the cereal. I cut down along the side all the way to the bottom, then cut the bottom flap off and your left with a long rectangle plastic sheet that are useful for a lot of things, especially rolling out cookie dough.

Cut, clean cereal bags ready to use. They're sturdy, easy to clean and you can use them over and over.

 You never have to use extra flour, or powered sugar to roll out sugar cookies, so your cookie dough never gets tough from extra added flour and there is no fuss cleaning the counter. 

All ready to roll out cookies. 

Plastic recycled cereal bag make rolling out sugar cookie dough easy, and mess free!! And it's good for the environment :)

Ready to cut into shapes. You can roll out the dough and put into fridge to chill if desired. 

You can pick up rolled out sheets of cookie dough and easily transfer to fridge if needed.

I had to show you that you can actually pick up and carry the rolled out dough without it ripping or falling apart, not that I recommend walking around with sheets of rolled out cookie dough but I just wanted to show how durable these sheets are!! Try it out for yourself, you'll be so glad you did!!! Next time someone finishes a bag of cereal, remember, don't throw out the plastic bags. Do the environment some good and up-cycle the cereal baggies into cookie cutting helpers.

To make the Lego head's I printed the template from Knitty Bitties Blog. You can draw your own Lego head if you want but the template is perfect and time saving. When you have to cut each individual Lego head by hand use any time-saving steps you can, you'll be happy you did. The Sweet Adventure of  Sugarbelle suggested tracing the Lego heads on something sturdy and durable so you can use again. I used a yogurt lid and made 2 sets, now I have them whenever I need them. 

You'll need: Scissors, Lego head template, plastic disposable lid and permanent sharpie.

Trace Lego head printout on plastic lid using permanent sharpie:)

Cut out the  Lego head. Keep paper template for later.

Roll out the sugar cookie dough to 1/4' inch thickness. Using plastic template cut Lego head out with a sharp paring knife.

Once all the Lego heads were cut out and baked all that was left were the Lego pieces. For this step I rolled out sugar cookie dough in longer rectangle shapes. Then with a ruler I cut straight lines till I was left with a perfect rectangle. I used the ruler to mark 1' inch wide notches and 2' inch long notched. I cut 1 inch long strips and then again width wise. I had perfect 1'x2' inch lego pieces.

I made marks on both sides of dough then matched up marks and cut straight lines.

I chilled the dough 15 minutes in freezer before lifting cut Lego pieces onto the cookie sheets. I wanted to make sure the edges were straight and kept there shape, chilling the dough ensured this.  

Once all the pieces and heads were baked it was time to decorated them. I used my royal icing, you can find it here. Matteo favorite colour is orange, so I made the lego pieces, orange, green, blue, and red and Lego head were yellow. 

 ~ Lego Heads ~

~ Lego pieces ~

I started by outlining the Lego head in black royal icing.

Let the black outline dry 8 hours to overnight before filling in with yellow royal icing to stop black colour from bleeding into the yellow. Draw eyes and mouth on paper template, once yellow face icing is dry (8 hour at least), use a sharp pin to make holes to mark where you would like your icing to be.   

Make the desired colours for the Lego pieces, draw a rectangle using coloured icing and fill in centers. Let iced rectangle pieces dry 30 mintues before make the dot on top. Let cookies dry overnight.

Once your done icing and drying and icing and drying your Lego pieces the final products are adorable. 

All done : )

Aren't they so cute?

Lego pieces you can eat, yes please!

Any child would be sure to enjoy them. Not just the kids, I'm sure the adults will find the Lego heads and piece bring back fond memories of their childhood. I know that I always had a great time playing with Lego's, still do. The only thing I don't enjoy about Lego's is stepping on them other than that I say your never too old to play with Lego's!! 

        Found this on Pinterest today, too funny not to add and very appropriate I think:)


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Anonymous said...

Your cookies are soooo adorable!! Great cereal bag tip. I will try it.G

Anonymous said...

Your cookies are soooo adorable!! Great cereal bag tip. I will try it.G

Katya said...

Thanks G, the cereal bag tip works great, you'll see:) <3